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Dedicated To Helping You Live A Healthy Life

  • Pure Ingredients

    From the oils we use to our sauce bases, ingredients are carefully sourced and purely good for you.

  • Vast Experience

    To support our mission, we rely on a team of expert dieticians, chefs, health coaches, & managers.

  • Revolutionizing Food

    Our passion is using healthy ingredients to make your favorite foods, maintaining each unique flavor.

  • No Contracts

    No contracts, no auto billing–we are confident the quality of our food will keep you coming back.

  • Diverse Menu

    Our diverse menu offers something for everyone regardless of dietary restrictions or nutritional goals.

  • Health Coaching

    Forget fad diets! Our certified health coaches offer the knowledge and accountability you need.

Eat Pure, Live Pure, Feel Great

Nutrition Is The Cornerstone Of Health

All too often, the health food industry relies on the manipulation of buzz words like “all-natural” and “organic” to sell people into thinking they are eating something healthy. Our goal since day one has been to create truly healthy foods. Sure, all-natural foods are great, but healthy eating is about more than that. An ingredient can be organic and still contain too much salt or sugar. We pay attention to every last detail, from our sauce bases to the oils we use, to prepare no added sugar, low sodium meals that are purely good for you. Special dietary restrictions or needs? Talk to us!

Healthy food makes us happy, but delicious food is equally important. After all, eating should be an enjoyable experience that nourishes your whole body, from your taste buds to your tummy. Enjoy your favorite dishes made from healthy ingredients that maintain classic flavors. Finally, satisfy your taste buds without sabotaging your health. From motivation to meal planning, we are more than a meal delivery service. We offer several optional services to help you accomplish your goals, including; health coaching and movement plans.

Ready To Change Your Life?

My Pure Life can make eating healthy easier than ever!

Our Managing Team

No one individual can whistle a symphony, It takes an orchestra to play it.

Jillian, also known as “Fit Foodie”, an IIN Certified Health Coach and clean eating junky, brings over 10 years’ experience in Digital Marketing, Talent & Athlete management in the health/fitness/nutrition industry. She grew up playing competitive soccer and is an Nationally NPC qualified fitness/bikini competitor, Health & Fitness Coach and Certified Yoga Instructor. She brings a holistic approach to nutrition and is a strong advocate of clean eating and balance. She has a talent for taking any dish and making it healthy and full of flavor.

Jillian was also a content contributor for the largest health & fitness website in the world, Bodybuilding.com, where she worked in digital marketing for 5 years at their headquarters in Boise, Idaho. Now residing in South Florida Jillian has continued to work in the sports nutrition sector managing top Fitness Models, CrossFit athletes, NBA players, and UFC fighters, coordinating events, and directing digital marketing.

Born in Caracas Venezuela, Alejandra studied Computer Sciences and considers herself a happy, positive, and creative person. Her passion for order and perfection in everything she does plays out in how she manages kitchen operations. The blend of a Computer Sciences background and her passion for food has led to an amazing fusion of skills in the kitchen. She loves to travel, explore new cultures, learn about new people and the gastronomy of each place she visits. Her favorite food is Asian and her favorite place to be is home with the engine of her life, her three children and husband. She has been part of the My Pure Life family since 2016 and has found her passion for creating healthy food while growing both professionally and personally.

Born in the Caribbean, from Caracas, Venezuela to the World. Daniel has an extensive background in Information Technology of more than 10 years. He embarked on his adventure in the US in 2016, giving him the opportunity to join the My Pure Life family. Daniel has been key in providing solutions to streamline operational processes, thus being able to give our customers the best service and solutions in the market. Daniel is a lover of the sun, beach and outdoor activities in his free time. He loves spending time with family, dancing and exploring new technologies. As a human being, he seeks to make people aware of the importance of healthy eating and how it can be fun, tasty and very fulfilling.

More Than Just Nutrition

Our certified health coaches create an overall wellness plan.


At My Pure Life, we are on a mission to provide superior products and lifestyle support to make life longevity attainable for each and every one of us. My Pure Life is setting a new standard in the nutrition and wellness industry. Our business is strategically structured to cover each area encompassed under the “Wellness” umbrella. Our health coaches help support your personal goals, while dieticians and chefs oversee menu creation. Menus are expertly crafted to provide essential nutrients and diverse options so you can enjoy just about any cuisine. Furthermore, our technologists developed a system that ensures accuracy every step of the way. Combine quality ingredients with a truly health-focused approach and you have delicious meals that can change the way you eat and feel. Plus, our elite customer service team is always here for you.

Elite Customer Service
Nutritional Knowlegde
Commitment To Excellence

Our Facility

The My Pure Life headquarters is nestled in East Boca Raton, FL. We’ve spared no expense when building out our state of the art kitchen facilities. Creating the kitchen of the future is what we believe gives us the edge on quality and superior product. In this business everything contributes to efficiencies and every step in the process has been scrutinized. Everything from how our dry storage products are organized and stored to how our chicken breast is cooked to ensure it maintains optimal moisture up until consumption. The investments made in cooking technology and operational processes allow us to maintain superior quality while allowing our business to scale infinitely. Maintaining an extremely well-organized and squeaky-clean kitchen facility allows our kitchen staff to focus on what’s important, amazing food!

Our History

Founded in late 2015, My Pure Life was created with the mission of building a platform through which people can create personal transformations and continually maintain optimal wellness. The initial phase of the business was all about creating the foods we all know and love but in much healthier ways. That process then led to us finding ways to optimize what we do and create scale to support business growth without cutting corners on the quality we stand for. We are now in a phase of our business evolution where we have bolstered our competencies in Health & Nutrition Coaching and made investments in interactive fitness technology to move beyond just being your source for nutrition. In the coming years we will expand beyond our core South FL market through franchising and will begin our journey in the development of our Children’s Foundation. Ultimately, instilling key values in self-care and wellness at a young age is where the world will see significant change.