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Tracking your food shouldn’t be complicated — so make it easier

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Ever notice how people can take a quick look at their smartwatch, or other wearable device, and announce in seconds how high their step count is that day? We all do it, because it’s an easy, fun way to measure activity. Now why can’t we do that for food? For starters, food isn’t steps. So many different types – protein, …

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Pair your food choices with your workouts for maximum results

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Pasta the night before a marathon. Bananas after heavy-duty lifting. When it comes to matching nutrition with exercise, on the granular level, everybody seems to have a “must” when it comes to what they want to eat before, alongside or just after a particular workout. Let’s start with one foundation: Eating appropriately before any kind of exercise is a good …

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Your exercise and wellness goals – timing is everything

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Are you looking to add muscle mass to your physique? Or tighten and tone what’s there for a long, lean look? Do you hate weights, but never miss a cardio class? Any and all of the above are great, and it’s important to find the fitness goals and challenges that suit you. While you’re doing so, be sure to target …

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Snacking is not a four-letter word

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All the healthy-living gurus have a saying for when they fall off the dietary wagon: snaccident. And while most will tell you that it’s not the end of the world, etc., you’re still left with the feeling that snacking, as a rule, is bad. Not so. Not so at all. In fact, you should have snacks as part of a …

Food is more than meals — it’s part of life

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Do you see food as a friend? The enemy? A daily battle? It can be any or all of those, and much more. Why? Because food, just like air and water, is a part of life. It’s the fuel that keeps our bodies moving, growing and doing. You’ll see mattress commercials talking about why you should get a great one. …

Understanding the Affect Food Has on Your Overall Health

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Want to live better, leaner, longer? It’s all about diet and exercise, the experts say. And a big part of diet is — wait for it — food! What you eat, and when you eat it, underscores a total wellness package. All the exercise in the world won’t make up for a lousy dietary regimen, one that’s marked with quickly …

Meal plans support mindful eating, wellness and — yes — even dieting

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Did anybody notice the exact moment when “diet” became a bad word? Somewhere in recent years it seems to have vanished, only to be replaced with words and phrases like wellness, toned, lean, getting strong and eating clean vs. words like skinny or thin. “Going on a diet” felt outdated and retro, not to mention ineffective.   And that is …

Dustin Poirier eats My Pure Life

Tired of fighting with fad diets and meal plans? Follow Dustin Poirier’s lead

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The idea of freshly prepared, healthy meals every day of the week is one that most people love. The idea of doing all that dicing, chopping, steaming and meal prep? Not so much. That’s why My Pure Life is taking off. It combines consumers’ desire to eat healthy and also not be tied to the kitchen to make that happen. …

UFC fighter Dustin Poirier counts on My Pure Life for nutritional support

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There are so many reasons to eat better: Lose weight, have more energy, improve overall health, not get beaten into a pulp by your opponent … OK, that last one doesn’t apply to most of us, but it’s a very real part of Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Dustin Poirier’s life. He’s been competing professionally since 2009, and was featured in …

No Fear Guide to DIY Meal Prep

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You’ve probably heard of meal prepping—cooking your meals for a week ahead of time all at once, then storing them in your freezer or fridge until it’s time to eat. Maybe you’ve tried to meal prep, or maybe not. Whatever your level of comfort in the kitchen, we don’t want you to feel intimidated. Here’s our step-by-step guide for getting …