Food is more than meals — it’s part of life

Cauley Sutton blog

Do you see food as a friend? The enemy? A daily battle? It can be any or all of those, and much more. Why? Because food, just like air and water, is a part of life. It’s the fuel that keeps our bodies moving, growing and doing.

You’ll see mattress commercials talking about why you should get a great one. And they’re right; we spend a lot of time in bed, resting and recharging. Quality counts. Now think about food — we spend even more time with it! Shopping, preparing, cooking, storing, eating, giving as a gift … food is a lot more than just sitting down to breakfast, lunch or dinner, or grabbing a quick snack. Food is a big chunk of our day.

What’s more, food is an intimate partner. It is with us when we are up, down, sad, angry, lonely, happy … and like any other relationship, this one takes work. Are we communicating with our food, telling what we want? Or is it doing all the talking, and running roughshod over us?

Control your food, control your destiny

Maybe it’s time for some tough love. The fridge and freezer full of comfort food has got to go. All that comfort has us feeling very sluggish, bloated and uncomfortable. Even if you’re a gym rat and all the cardio instructors post to your social media, a bad relationship with food can undo all that healthy work.

And it doesn’t have to be a divorce — ya gotta eat! It’s all about setting healthy boundaries and expecting food to adhere to them. Eat fruit, not cake. Eat fruit, not ice cream. Eat vegetables steamed, not fried. For every “comfort” choice there is equal and opposite “healthy” choice, and that doesn’t mean bland and tasteless.

Think of your relationship with food as a partnership. You be good to it; it’ll be good to you. And this particular relationship can have a lot of outside help, such as from My Pure Life’s engaged and enthusiastic coaches. They’ll work with you on a meal plan that gets you and food back to where you both should be and feeling good about one of the most important relationships you’ll ever have.

We’re not just meal planners, we’re relationship coaches! Talk to us at My Pure Life about how our system works, and how we can plug into your goals and help you meet them.