Meal plans support mindful eating, wellness and — yes — even dieting

Cauley Sutton blog

Did anybody notice the exact moment when “diet” became a bad word? Somewhere in recent years it seems to have vanished, only to be replaced with words and phrases like wellness, toned, lean, getting strong and eating clean vs. words like skinny or thin. “Going on a diet” felt outdated and retro, not to mention ineffective.


And that is fine. A lot of people struggle with body-image issues and illnesses, and for them being told to stick to a diet, or that a rigorous diet was the cure-all for weight and related issues, felt shamed and punished. Nobody should ever feel forced into a healthier lifestyle — for any change to succeed, you have to want it and be excited about what it can do for your goals.


One thing that hasn’t changed, though? The ways to get to that fitness or lifestyle goal: eat less, eat mindfully and move more. Sure, there are lots of gurus out there preaching about weight-loss and life enhancing (never a diet, of course, even though they often center around a certain type of food or beverage) products or regimens, and often it’s the same old thing: do this for a certain number of weeks, and the pounds will melt off. The flipside? Often those pounds will come right back once you ditch the regimen.


Healthy eating = long-term stability

That’s why it’s sensible to look at how you eat, and what you eat, in terms of a stable and lasting health and wellness plan. Diet and exercise go hand in hand, and a clear-eyed approach to both can help you get to, and keep, those longer-term goals of a better physical and mental self.


Meal plans are super helpful in this regard, because right away you can start looking at the proper combinations of food to help you start your own unique journey. Even better, if you’re planning meals well in advance, that’s one less thing to think about: decide to spend an extra hour at the gym for a cardio class, or want to walk around the neighborhood on a beautiful spring night before sunset? Having a meal plan means having food that’s ready to eat, or can be quickly prepared, so it fits into your schedule so you’re not a slave to the clock.


If you like the idea of advance prep, but are unsure how to start, consider what My Pure Life meal plans offer. We have different meal options to suit the goals you’re after, as well as the coaching and support to help you stay on target — or get back to your strategy if you’ve slipped due to a changed work schedule, illness or other aspect of life that’s out of your control.


We’ve done the research to prepare fantastic-tasting meals that you’ll enjoy preparing and eating.Talk to us at My Pure Life about how our system works, and how we can plug into your goals and help you meet them.