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Pair your food choices with your workouts for maximum results

Cauley Sutton blog

Pasta the night before a marathon. Bananas after heavy-duty lifting. When it comes to matching nutrition with exercise, on the granular level, everybody seems to have a “must” when it comes to what they want to eat before, alongside or just after a particular workout.

Let’s start with one foundation: Eating appropriately before any kind of exercise is a good idea, because the body needs fuel to burn doing the workout. Ditto for eating afterwards — you need to replenish the stores that have been depleted. Many people refer to these as the three R’s: Refuel, Repair and Rehydrate.

Going beyond that, let’s explore some pairings of food and exercise:

Cardio (running, cycling, treadmill, Zumba)

The key here is to restore carbohydrates that are burned, as well as a focus on hydration. A slice of whole-grain bread smeared with peanut butter and chased with a banana works well, giving you potassium for muscles alongside some good carbs, protein and fat. Other menu items might include a handful of nuts, or cottage cheese.

Pilates, barre, yoga and another low-impact movement

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or boost flexibility, these workouts make your muscles crave protein. Hard boiled eggs, multigrain toast, or roasted vegetables and cheese are good solutions, as is Greek yogurt, nuts, fruit or fish such as tuna.

Strength training

Muscle gain the goal? Then you’ll want lots of nutrients and not much fat — and plenty of protein. A berry/yogurt/oat smoothie works nicely, as does one with protein powder, banana, cacao, nut butter and almond or coconut milk.

High Intensity Interval, or HIIT, training

An hour of solid sweating leaves the body low on many fronts. A veggie omelet handles some of the protein and vitamin needs, helped along with a bowl of chopped fruit. A combo of oats, yogurt, milk, mashed banana and chia seeds also is an idea.

Getting the picture? And these are just a few ideas — our coaches have plenty more where those came from! Why not tap into their brain trust, and see how meals and snacking through My Pure Life can be an easy, tasty and fun way to support your workout habit?

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