Dustin Poirier eats My Pure Life

Tired of fighting with fad diets and meal plans? Follow Dustin Poirier’s lead

Cauley Sutton blog

The idea of freshly prepared, healthy meals every day of the week is one that most people love. The idea of doing all that dicing, chopping, steaming and meal prep? Not so much.

That’s why My Pure Life is taking off. It combines consumers’ desire to eat healthy and also not be tied to the kitchen to make that happen. Meals, snacks — it’s all there, and with plenty of customization options so you can create the meal plan that fits your lifestyle and your personal health and wellness goals.

It’s the perfect solution for super-busy people like Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Dustin Poirier. A professional competitor since 2009, he was featured in the documentary “Fightville,” which took a look at the mixed martial arts scene in southern Louisiana. He’s currently ranked No. 3 in the UFC’s lightweight category and will be taking his 24-5 record, including wins in eight out of his nine contests, to an interim lightweight title fight with featherweight champion Max Holloway at UFC 236, which is set for April 13 at State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

Total transparency is at the core of clean eating

He’s also a My Pure Life client — and loves what he sees. In particular, Poirier likes My Pure Life’s packaging.

“That really stood out to me when I visited the My Pure Life kitchens,” he says. “It’s disposable and easy to get into, and I can see the food. It’s super convenient for me to come home after a day of training and not have to deal with a ton of packaging. I can see what’s there and know that it’s the right proportion and ready to go.”

That’s a big deal for a guy whose free time is limited, especially in the runup to a big match.

“I love that I can come home on a Sunday and not have to spend a ton of time cooking or working on meal prep for the whole week,” he says. “They get the food to me twice a week, it’s already made and  properly portioned. The whole My Pure Life process is so easy, and their food tastes great.”

My Pure Life’s food is designed to help you meet your goals while also keeping in mind any dietary issues you may have. No gluten? No problem. Low carb? Sure thing. All our meals are carefully designed for optimum nutrition and curated by chefs and dieticians, so they taste good as well as provide the right fuel for your body’s needs.