UFC fighter Dustin Poirier counts on My Pure Life for nutritional support

Cauley Sutton blog

There are so many reasons to eat better: Lose weight, have more energy, improve overall health, not get beaten into a pulp by your opponent …

OK, that last one doesn’t apply to most of us, but it’s a very real part of Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Dustin Poirier’s life. He’s been competing professionally since 2009, and was featured in the documentary “Fightville,” which took a look at the mixed martial arts scene in southern Louisiana.

Right now, Poirier’s ranked No. 3 in the UFC’s lightweight category, and has several major wins to his credit (and a record of 24-5). He’s won eight of his last nine contests. Next up will be an interim lightweight title fight between him and featherweight champion Max Holloway at UFC 236, which is set for April 13 at State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

Individual tastes need an individual approach

Like a lot of busy people, Poirier’s realized the benefits of prepared meal delivery, and how My Pure Life sets itself apart in that crowded space with a hyper-focus on optimal health. We do that through a personalized solution that includes a great diet, and also achieve the mind-body balance that star athletes like Poirier, and the rest of us, strive for.

“I’ve been using My Pure Life for several weeks now,” Poirier says. “I heard about them through my boxing coach and some other people who wanted us to connect. I visited their business and saw how super-clean the kitchen was and how fresh all their ingredients were. They are not packaging and freezing food to ship it all over. They are focused on keeping everything simple and fresh.”

Let’s start with My Pure Life’s food. Our meals are designed to help you achieve your goals, while also keeping in mind any dietary issues you may have. No gluten? No problem. Low carb? Sure thing. All our meals are carefully designed for optimum nutrition and curated by chefs and dieticians, so they taste good as well as provide the right fuel for your body’s needs.

For Poirier, one major benefit of My Pure Life was the ability to customize not only his meal plan, but the meals themselves.

“They are not just putting together plans based on diets and fads,” he says. “These are well-balanced, great and healthy meals. I put them in touch with my nutritionist, who monitors my weight and brings it down when I am training, and they worked hand in hand to create meals that he says my body needs. I mean, sometimes we are talking about how many almonds I can have in a snack, or a meal — it’s that specific. And they worked with him. You don’t get that kind of willingness to customize with other plans.”

Goal setting isn’t just for New Year’s

Athletes like Poirier also recognize the value of well-equipped coaches and trainers. My Pure Life has that covered as well. We work with you to make sure that the meals you’re getting are targeted to work alongside your goals: lose weight, gain some muscle, run a marathon, win a title fight — we’re ready to help you get there.

Getting results in life, the gym or the UFC requires education, nutrition and accountability. You’ve set the goals. Talk to My Pure Life about how we can partner with you to achieve them.